Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maternity Skirt Tutorial

Maternity Skirt Tutorial

Okay, so I totally found this too late. I WISH I had found this about 4 months ago when my church wardrobe decrease significantly as I increased dramatically. :) It is just a great tutorial to create your own maternity skirt. Check it out!

Heritage Blocks

I found a blog a few weeks ago with a wonderful gift idea for someone special to you. We'll have to keep this in mind for Mother's day or birthdays or maybe a passing of someone dear to you. They are called Heritage Blocks and you can find the link here. You should check it out and see what they've done. You could use this idea and do some other really cool ideas. It's definitely started my wheels turning for upcoming gifts!

Christmas Stockings

I drew one of my older brother's names for Christmas this last year. I had a really hard time thinking about what to get/do/buy/make for them. Then I had an idea. Last year, they had a little surprise join their life. A baby boy born 10 years after his last sibling. So I knew they wouldn't have matching Christmas stockings for everyone.

So I came up with a pattern by tracing an old Christmas stocking of mine. Found some really really cute thick striped corduroy and got to work. These took a LOT longer than I had anticipated. I was planning on just backing my fabric with wonder-under and then using my cricut to cut out all the appliques. But it wouldn't stick to my little mat, so then I had to trace everything and hand cut each little darn applique out.

(Later, I learned that the wonder-under doesn't stick to the mat, it's the fabric that sticks mat. And I was just too tired and frazzled to even think of that. Ridiculous, huh?)

So I ironed on all the appliques and stitched around each of them. Added an initial for each member of the family and added the top white fluffy and I had my stockings. I didn't do anything extravagant or fancy with my appliques as I left it to the last three weeks before Christmas to do them. So they are pretty basic.

All the stockings laid out. I even had enough leftover to make a stocking for gidget, their dog.

Remy's, Kendelle's and Hudson's stockings. Stars, hearts, and squares.

Steve's, Maddy's and Denise's stockings all hung up. Stripes, circles and trees.

Maddy's turned out to be my absolute favorite. Don't the circles just pop on that fabric! I would love to make some more for my family just like that!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Evie's New Room

I've had a long absence on this blog. But I've been BUSY. Not busy crafting and creating, but busy with life. We have been moving and moving again and everything has been boxed up. It's taken me a while to get organized but most of my crafting is still in boxes in a storage room until the craft room is finished. (That will be a GREAT day!) A project I have started to tackle is Evie's room. We transitioned her from a nursery with a crib to a big girl bed in a big girl's room. It has been quite an experience for her, but a fun project for me to do. I'm still not done and the painting will have to wait until Spring after the baby comes--but we're on our way! I chose hot pink, cotton candy pink, chocolate brown and spring green to decorate with. I think they are so fun and they just pop in her room. I used all the same papers to craft with to make it all tie in together. So here are some pictures:

This is her new big girl bed. I still haven't found a bed skirt for her bed that I love, so I am just using a flat sheet for now, folded to fit. I LOVE her comforter, a hot pink minkee comforter that Evie says is just so cozy and comfy.

I used 8x8 canvas and decorated them with 4 paper patterns that I love. I just mod-podged the paper on and then sanded and distressed the edges to give it a softer look. I've had these white chipboard letters forever and finally found a use for them. I left them plain so they would pop better and just tied some matching ribbon around each letter. Yes, matching ribbon that I used in the rest of the room too. Then I just stapled ribbon to each canvas and hung them above her bed. Evie loves to spell her name whenever she sees the letters.

I found a little white clock that I just redecorated the face on. It's hard to tell, but they are white glittery number and flower stickers. I added some matching butterflies, spray painted the hands brown and added some buttons. I don't love it and might change it later, but Evie loves her butterfly clock.

I found these hot pink sheer curtains on super sale and added another sheer white curtain for the back drop. I think it frames the window nicely.

This is Evie's reading corner. I love organizing with these cubbies. I have two more fabric drawers in cotton candy pink and hot pink, but I took them out to make room for more books. So once I find a cheap bookshelf to make over, then I can add them back in to hold her animals and toys she likes to keep in her room. We got her a little pink rocking chair that has since replaced the bean bag (that is getting recovered and going in the baby's room to match her nursery). So she likes to read her little books there, it's awesome.

I had an old frame laying around that I spray painted brown, added some batting and covered with fabric. Just stapled it to the back of the cardboard backing . I found ribbon, (I'm thinking too much ribbon now) and stapled it to the back of the cardboard-weaving them through each other. I tied some ribbon to the top picture hangers and now Evie has a cute place to clip her hair bows.

And of course I had to do another butterfly frame. I spray painted the frame brown of course... This time I took out the back of the frame and used electrical tape to keep the glass attached to the frame. I printed out a piece of paper with dots marking where I wanted each butterfly and taped it to the glass. I used glue dots to attach each of the butterflies in their spot. I used my matchy-matchy paper to punch the butterflies out and folded the wings to give them that 3-D look.

Up close of matchy-matchy butterflies.

This is the top of Evie's big girl dresser.

I found two little matching frames at DI for $.50 and thought about what to do with them. So I got out my Cricut and starting playing around. I came up with these little birds. You probably can't tell, but they have little buttons and sparkles in their eyes which looks super cute. I had these cute little green polka dot puffy plastic stickers to work with. I took out the backing of each frame, spray painted them brown, and taped the glass back up with electrical tape to secure. Then I tied the ribbon through the hangers on the back. I love how they turned out.

I found this little birdhouse at DI for another whopping $.50 and decorated it one afternoon while Evie was napping. (I let Evie help me paint it brown though--she loves to paint crafts.) Then i just mod-podged bits of matchy-matchy paper to the bird house and sanded off the edges for that softer look. I am still looking for a hot pink bird to sit on the perch of the house. I was hoping to find one in the Christmas ornaments, you know those glittery feathery partridge looking ornaments... but no such luck. Maybe I'll just happen to stumble onto something great or venture into making my own.

I just used an old basket I had and spray painted it brown and tied the matching ribbon onto the sides of the handles. I put her animals in there when she wakes up so there is no losing them and we always know where they are.

The lamp is one of my favorites!! It was at Walmart for $1.50 when they were reorganizing the store here. It had a lampshade but I took it off and tore it apart so I could use it as a pattern to cut my paper. This is where I had to get creative. I cut my four panels and laid them all out. I used my ribbon to connect the panels. I taped the ribbon to the panels, two at a time and then stitched with my sewing machine to secure it. Then I just attached the ric-rac to the top and the bottom with hot glue. And added a touch of ribbon bows at the bottom of the panels. Then I used masking tape to secure the lampshade to the original wire frame to make sure the paper wouldn't be touching or anywhere near the lightbulb. I also spray painted the base of the lamp brown... it was originally silver.

Just showing the other side of the lampshade. And yes, a pink piggy bank that Evie painted and wanted in her room. I put little googly eyes on and a pink bow. Miss Pinky.

I had a wood block I wanted to use, so Evie helped me paint it green. I used my Cricut and cut out the letters in brown vinyl. I used scraps from the papers and hand cut a circle flower, added two buttons for dimension and made a stem out of green ribbon tied into knots.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

diaper carrier - amy

i recently finished this diaper carrier...if you're interested in one, click on the image on the sidebar to make it yours!



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

amy butler apron

A great gift for a bridal shower....of course, along with the lingere! I recently made this for a friend and I like the colors I used! You just can't go wrong with Amy Butler patterns....



Friday, July 10, 2009

{my space}

Okay, I'd like to say I have balance in my life, but this is pretty much where I spend the majority of my day...:) Since my sister moved out and got married in March, we transformed her room into a family room with my craft/office space in the corner of the room (along with a few of Tessa's toys so that she can do stuff next to me...very important!)...So on the other side, we have a couch and our entertainment center (which I love because our living room doesn't have a it's hardly ever on....that is the best! I guess it also helps that we don't have cable too!)

{Talk it out}: So Jay got this great counter top off a construction job he did a few months back. And we just bought legs at Ikea for $5 bucks a piece....I LOVE my's big and versatile. So for my fellow crafters out there looking for ways to get more organized and are wanting to find ways to be more efficient, I thought I'd share some tips and ways that work for me to keep my projects organized and my time more manageable!

{at my fingertips} I love being able to sit and craft/sew/blog/whatever and have everything that I need (well, almost everything!) at arms length.

{my all-things-computer-world} I heart my computer. I couldn't live without it. I've had this beauty for a little over a year and it's been great to me! Since recently adding CS4....I hardly ever leave her side. I'm rather addicted! I have to say though, because of its location, it's much easier to multitask while sewing/creating.
{basket organizer} I got this idea from my good designer friend Brooke, who posted this a while back. I have my pens, my notebooks which I am constantly writing project ideas, patterns, daily receipts and important papers. It's in a perfect spot because I use most of this stuff often, especially my flower pens!

{my palate} My rotary mat never leaves this counter. I do EVERYTHING on it. Because I do so much sewing/measuring, I need it constantly. So it's where I begin and finish all of my projects. It also prevents any damage to my counter top table!
{jars} I have all of my creating "tools" above on my shelf in these jars. I love it, because I always know where my little scissors, tweezers, small rulers, pens, pencils and other things are.

{yet again, more containers} I use buttons on many different projects. It's so nice to have to organized by color because I know/see exactly what I have. I also have a couple containers (behind these) with my safety pins and magnetic snaps....Plus, not-to-mention that the colors are so fun to look at!

{bucket o' glue} ...and a couple other essentials. I always like to have various adhesives on hand, plus my tape measure and my lighter....yes, my lighter....I use it for burning the edges of ribbon! Next to my bucket in my rotary cutter. Again, I am always using it, so it's nice to be able to grab it when needed!
{roll it on out} Moving on to my craft closet, which I manage to get all of my crafting stuff in, besides whats on the table. I love this roll out storage shelf. It allows me to store my file cabinet right behind it for easy access while also saving me space. The things on these shelves are things I use a little less, to it's nice to tuck it away in the closet!

{the closet} Okay, so it doesn't look that organized, right? Well, look at when I shut the doors! Ta-da! It's all gone....That's probably my favorite feature with using this cabinet. So I keep all of my scrapbooking, photos, patterns I've created, and sewing notions in here. I love it and know where everything goes! I also keep all of my tissue paper and wrapping stuff on top of it. I also store my ongoing projects in here to reduce any clutter on my table.

{"to the side" shelves} My lovely husband put these three shelves to utilize all of the closest space. I covered the splintery wood with draw liners so no accidents would happen! I also use this area alot. I have things divided up in baskets. I have a basket with paint, my glue gun, and things of that nature....and another with fabric in it. In the above basket, I have yarn and felt....I also keep all of my photography discs and other misc. things in here! A GREAT storage space!
Okay, so I think I've covered all of my favorites. I just have to say that I am SO thankful that I even have this space. This is the first time that I feel like my "craft" area is completely functional, and everything has a place. It's also really easy to keep clean because of those two reasons! I hope that I've given you a few ideas how to be more organized so that the creativity can flow!
Happy crafting....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

burp cloths

In preparation for baby h {6 1/2 weeks to d-day}, I have been wanting to have plenty of burp cloths on hand! So I waited for flannel to go on sell at JoAnn's and bought 11in. of six different fabrics, of it ended up being super cheap for each one. I made sure I pre-washed the fabric, so there was no chance of the fabric bubbling and laying all weird. I just drew my own pattern on a piece of paper and whipped em' up! I love the smaller rounded shape....they don't hang over like the white cloth diapers, which annoyed me at times.

baby {h's} quilt

My dear Aunt Cindy was sweet enough to make me this gorgeous quilt for my soon-to-be-little-man. I am in love with it and can't wait to wrap it around his little body! She had some left over squares, so she made a matching (duh) tag blankie for baby h to cuddle. So cute! Thank you Cin for sharing your talents with me! It's turned out beautiful and it matches his room perfectly!

blue suede shoes

These little guys are one of the cutest things I've made...You can't tell in these pics, but they are like 4" long! They're teeny-tiny! I found the pattern it for free! Since you don't need hardly any fabric, I bought 1/8 yard of blue suede and used white fabric I already had for the lining. The suede is so soft....I LOVE how they turned out! I am going to be making my little man many of these!