Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All because...

...someone gave me brown pillow cases.
My creative friend Brooke handed me a hand full of these pillow cases and said, "I know you can make something out of these!" That was about a year ago, and I'm finally getting around to using them! Better late than never. The first three creations are from the brown cases. The rest are a result of my recent spurt of creative juices! {Enjoy}

pic 1-This messenger bag is inspired for a Christmas present. I love having someone in mind to direct the creativity to! The bag is 10 x12 inches and is made with thick interfacing. I also make three pockets inside...Two of them are large, and one small for keys. I am obsessed with Heather Bailey's broaches and I just discovered how to made them...yo-yo's and felt! Too fun.

pic 2-This dress was inspired from here. I love neige clothes and wanted to create something as close to that as I could. I made this dress for our family pics we are going to soon take. I promise to post pics of those, but the dress looks so much cuter on! I love this dress for two reasons....A) it's much simpler than I would normal do on a dress and I love that. B) it's the nicest quality of dress I have ever made. I love pushing myself to improve and think outside the box.

pic 3-I love this hat. This creation was inspired after I finished the brown dress. I was so happy and pleased with the way the dress turned out, I wanted to make a complete outfit. Yes, I designed my own pattern and was quite surprised that it was fairly easy to make. I try to have everything I make be washable and this definitely is. We all know how sweaty and dirty those little heads get! I like this hat because it fits a variety of sizes of heads...I've tried it on a 2, 4, and 5 year old and they all look so cute! I definitely want to make many more of these....and the flower embellishment adds just the right touch of color and flair.

pic 4-The Cha-cha skirt, I used a pattern for that you can get here. This skirt and matching tank I made as the outfit Tessa will where for Thanksgiving and I made myself a matching one too.

pic 5 & 6-I made these stretch knit tanks without a pattern. It was rather simple and it was the first time I have ever used a stretch stitch on my sewing machine! It was pretty cool...I love trying new things. I added the cute yo-yos for Tessa's shirt because all clothes could use a little flair!

pic 7-This Yo-Yo Madaleine skirt I made for a friend of mine who's 5! She's the cutest thing and I wanted to make something that would reflect she cuteness! I love again the simplicity of the skirt and yo-yos are always a good thing to add....I guess it's been my theme lately!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A friend of mine passed away and these are two cards I made up for the mom and the grandma. I tried to make the tones really soft and peaceful. I love the butterfly card.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mod Mum Pouch Slings

I found this blogger that is giving away one free pouch sling. All you have to do is check out her blog and leave a comment with which one you like and the size you'd like. It will be from Mod Mum and they are totally cute. I am not sure if any of you have ever used a sling, but they and are a life-saver with Evie and I am definitely using them again with our next baby. Check it out.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Nicki,

Bed Pocket: handy bedside organizer to hold various items you use for bed; i.e. glasses, scriptures, ipod, hairbands, phone, etc...

This is a bedside organizer from one of my Amy Butler books, In Stitches. Mine is like that, just different material. You hang it off the side of your bed, there is a long end you tuck into your sheets under your bed. I can't wait to use it. Well, that is once it is finished... That's what a bed pocket is.