Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All because...

...someone gave me brown pillow cases.
My creative friend Brooke handed me a hand full of these pillow cases and said, "I know you can make something out of these!" That was about a year ago, and I'm finally getting around to using them! Better late than never. The first three creations are from the brown cases. The rest are a result of my recent spurt of creative juices! {Enjoy}

pic 1-This messenger bag is inspired for a Christmas present. I love having someone in mind to direct the creativity to! The bag is 10 x12 inches and is made with thick interfacing. I also make three pockets inside...Two of them are large, and one small for keys. I am obsessed with Heather Bailey's broaches and I just discovered how to made them...yo-yo's and felt! Too fun.

pic 2-This dress was inspired from here. I love neige clothes and wanted to create something as close to that as I could. I made this dress for our family pics we are going to soon take. I promise to post pics of those, but the dress looks so much cuter on! I love this dress for two reasons....A) it's much simpler than I would normal do on a dress and I love that. B) it's the nicest quality of dress I have ever made. I love pushing myself to improve and think outside the box.

pic 3-I love this hat. This creation was inspired after I finished the brown dress. I was so happy and pleased with the way the dress turned out, I wanted to make a complete outfit. Yes, I designed my own pattern and was quite surprised that it was fairly easy to make. I try to have everything I make be washable and this definitely is. We all know how sweaty and dirty those little heads get! I like this hat because it fits a variety of sizes of heads...I've tried it on a 2, 4, and 5 year old and they all look so cute! I definitely want to make many more of these....and the flower embellishment adds just the right touch of color and flair.

pic 4-The Cha-cha skirt, I used a pattern for that you can get here. This skirt and matching tank I made as the outfit Tessa will where for Thanksgiving and I made myself a matching one too.

pic 5 & 6-I made these stretch knit tanks without a pattern. It was rather simple and it was the first time I have ever used a stretch stitch on my sewing machine! It was pretty cool...I love trying new things. I added the cute yo-yos for Tessa's shirt because all clothes could use a little flair!

pic 7-This Yo-Yo Madaleine skirt I made for a friend of mine who's 5! She's the cutest thing and I wanted to make something that would reflect she cuteness! I love again the simplicity of the skirt and yo-yos are always a good thing to add....I guess it's been my theme lately!


Leslie said...

Oh my heck! How did you make that hat!!! Don't even tell me you just whipped it up. Was there a pattern involved? Tell me because it is the cutest thing I have seen! (The rest is super cute too and I can't believe it all started just because of some pillowcases.) You amaze me!

ohbrooke said...

NICKI! I can't believe it!
Those are amazing. I especially like the little lap-top bag. Of course, I see that as another computer accessory. These are really great.

Shannon said...

Those flower things are adorable. Can you teach me... maybe I should say can we ever talk in person??? I hope you have a great weekend :)

Kristina and Brady said...

Hi I don't know you and you don't know me and I really am not sure how I wondered onto your blog, but I love it. Would you be interested in making another hat and selling it to me??? I LOVE IT!! you are very talented!