Tuesday, August 26, 2008

skirts squared

Here are a couple of skirts I made for myself...and each of them were under $5 to make! I have totally discovered that I like using patterns and it's way easier than I thought it would be. Although I still like to design too! I got the pattern for $3.44 at Walmart (simplicity- pattern # 4188).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cutest paper on the block{s}

I LOVE these blocks...the young women were doing them in my old ward and my craft buddy and I have been talking about making them for months!
  • I bought a 4x4 thing of wood (which isn't a true 4x4...its actually 3 3/4...lame)
  • Cut them to be true squares
  • Sand all the edges and corners (an electric sander is faster)
  • Paint all of them edges and corners brown (or whatever color you prefer)
  • Mod-Podge paper with a sponge brush on all sides and there you go! (Less mod-podge is better...then that prevents bubbles on the paper surface
  • the letters I traced and cut out and then mod-podged on!

Design Tip

Love what you do:It's so important to remember when crafting that you make things that you love and are inspired by. Sometimes it's good to look at crafty websites/blogs, magazines, or just playing around with an idea. I find that when I am creating something I love, it turns out so much cuter and is a little part of me. I have definitely made things where I just wanted to get it done, a check on my list...and the end result sometimes isn't what I wanted. So remember to make that the number one goal and you'll be sure to have a great time doing it!

Lately, most of my inspiration has been coming from photography blogs. I could spend hours looking at great photos! Here are a couple of my favorites:



This style was definitely inspired by the 1950's era. I love the way the woman dressed and their feminine style. These particular creations remind me of the song "Unforgetable" by Nat King Cole. Classy and timeless. I LOVE this fashion duo and am pleased with the end results. I used a pattern for the skirt and the clutch was an after thought....I had a bit of inspiration left over after the skirt so I used scraps and came up with this! It is my own design, and I love that it has that vintage feel. I wore the skirt and used the clutch yesterday and I felt like a million bucks!


I am really into using patterns right now. I used to be so intimidated by them, but have recently discovered that they are much easier than I thought! I used a cute little girl pajama pattern and made them a little big so my little girl can wear them a long time. I used a knit fabric so they are extra comfy. There is something so cute and old fashioned when little girls wear night gowns! I love it and they were fairly easy to make! And again, instead of using a button, I used a tie...cute and won't hurt them or by uncomfortable while they sleep!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I saw these really cute headbands on Esty and I had to make them...they're so easy. You just cut out felt...I love how it turned out. Stay tuned for many many more!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Orange is in.

{I have no business} blogging right now considering my house is an absolute disaster. Not to mention that the only thing I have been doing all day is making this dress. I have unofficially locked myself in my craft room determined to finish, and finish I did! I am so pleased with the results and LOVE the fabric...which always helps with inspiration. Two reasons for making this dress...1. Tessa needs more dresses, she's down to three that fit her (barely) and 2. I need to use my many yards of fabric before I go crazy! I have too much!

I have been falling in love with Amy Butler fabrics, prints, and products ever since Les posted her cute Amy Butler Bag....That was sort of the inspiration mingled with my own design.
I used a basic $3 pattern from Walmart.
Again I used buttons with loops instead of a zipper because I didn't have one handy. I like to use what I got, and sometimes it's better that way because it forces me to be even more creative.
I added the bottom layer of the skirt and add the sash as well with the same fabric as the under layer of the skirt.
I think my favorite part is the flower. The theme of my life: {its all about the details}
I used the complementary fabric for the flower.
I drew a basic leaf pattern on a piece of scratch paper.
I traced it on the fabric and left enough space next to the leaf to fold in half for the back.
I then took a piece of thick interfacing (a long retangle shape) and put it in between the folded fabric.
Zig zagged around the leaf edge and cut it our after.
Sewed the leafs together with a piece of interfacing in the center to hold it together.
Hot glued the pom poms on.
Then sewed it to the dress.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wall Art

My friend and I made this wall art with scrapbooking paper. We cut out all of the pieces, sanded the edges and then glued them on. We totally copied these from some wall art found at Anthropolgie for $104 a piece. And we made them for next to nothing. Besides the cost of the paper, I bought MDF board at Home Depot and them cut two 12 x 12 squares and them mod-podged the paper on and mounted it on the wall! I love how they turned out and it was fun to copy someone elses idea to chang things up!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Place Mat Bags

I bought these cute place mats a little ago with the intention to make them into bags!

Left one.
I got this one for $3.75 and I had the rest of the materials. I literally sewed the pocket on with some ribbon trim, sewed the strap on and them folded the place mat in half and sewed up the sides! So easy and cute! It's so bright and cheerful and is going to make a wonderful birthday gift for my grandma!

Right one.
I got each of the place mats for $2.75, so a total cost of $5.50. I just sewed the handle on and then sewing along three of the edges and then sewing the pocket along the top. I made this to use for my church bad. Something sturdy and durable and functional. I added the key hook with ribbon so that I can just clip my keys to, so they don't get lost in my bag! I love the way both bags turned out and they are so easy to make! Perfect summer bags....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Amy Butler Diaper Bag

This is an Amy Butler pattern, her "Nappy Bag" that I finally finished. I love the fabric and the colors that I used. It was really quite easy to do, just took a lot of prep work-- the cutting took forever! But it has tons of space. I know it is huge, but it is the perfect diaper bag to take on a plane ride with you. It holds everything!!!

This is just another blanket I made for a new nephew. Silky blankets, nothing better right?

A few of our favorite things

This is the book I made for my parents this last Christmas. I just didn't ever take pictures of it. It's a favorites book. I took three favorites from each of the grandchildren and scrapbooked them together with their pictures. The girls were circles and ribbons and the boys were squares and buttons. I used different fonts for each kid, that matched their handwriting and or age. Turned out cute, take a look if you like.

Crayon Roll II

This is just a quick crayon roll I whipped up in about ten minutes. I just used a cloth diaper, divided it into three sections. Folded the ends in, stitched the bottom portions together, an inch apart. I stitched a length of binding in half at the ends to tie together. Then just added a few iron-on transfers to the top and it was done. I just wanted something to hold Evie's crayons together on the plane so they wouldn't fly around everywhere, literally.