Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maternity Skirt Tutorial

Maternity Skirt Tutorial

Okay, so I totally found this too late. I WISH I had found this about 4 months ago when my church wardrobe decrease significantly as I increased dramatically. :) It is just a great tutorial to create your own maternity skirt. Check it out!

Heritage Blocks

I found a blog a few weeks ago with a wonderful gift idea for someone special to you. We'll have to keep this in mind for Mother's day or birthdays or maybe a passing of someone dear to you. They are called Heritage Blocks and you can find the link here. You should check it out and see what they've done. You could use this idea and do some other really cool ideas. It's definitely started my wheels turning for upcoming gifts!

Christmas Stockings

I drew one of my older brother's names for Christmas this last year. I had a really hard time thinking about what to get/do/buy/make for them. Then I had an idea. Last year, they had a little surprise join their life. A baby boy born 10 years after his last sibling. So I knew they wouldn't have matching Christmas stockings for everyone.

So I came up with a pattern by tracing an old Christmas stocking of mine. Found some really really cute thick striped corduroy and got to work. These took a LOT longer than I had anticipated. I was planning on just backing my fabric with wonder-under and then using my cricut to cut out all the appliques. But it wouldn't stick to my little mat, so then I had to trace everything and hand cut each little darn applique out.

(Later, I learned that the wonder-under doesn't stick to the mat, it's the fabric that sticks mat. And I was just too tired and frazzled to even think of that. Ridiculous, huh?)

So I ironed on all the appliques and stitched around each of them. Added an initial for each member of the family and added the top white fluffy and I had my stockings. I didn't do anything extravagant or fancy with my appliques as I left it to the last three weeks before Christmas to do them. So they are pretty basic.

All the stockings laid out. I even had enough leftover to make a stocking for gidget, their dog.

Remy's, Kendelle's and Hudson's stockings. Stars, hearts, and squares.

Steve's, Maddy's and Denise's stockings all hung up. Stripes, circles and trees.

Maddy's turned out to be my absolute favorite. Don't the circles just pop on that fabric! I would love to make some more for my family just like that!