Monday, April 6, 2009

Diaper Carrier

I made this diaper carrier for a baby shower. It's as you can see fairly small considering the number of tiny diapers/wipes in it! (It probably could fit 2 to 3 size 5/6 diapers in it.) I thought a diaper carrier is perfect if you just need to take diapers and wipes somewhere, and not the whole diaper bag. It's also good to keep your diapers creams and such in it too....keeps things organized. The magnetic clasp also adds a nice sturdy feature. I used thick interfacing for long lastingness too.

Again, I used scraps of fabric and tried to use bright fun colors that don't necessarily go together. I also tried a new kind of fabric flower with buttons and I really like how it turned out!

Circle Quilt

I got this idea of a circle quilt off a photoblog I follow. She had one for her son and I fell in love with it! So I made my own version of it for my daughter. Each circle is the size of a cd...which I wonder-undered each one to a white piece of cotton. The circle spacing is 1/2" apart. My goal with this quilt was to use what I had. I used scraps and whatever I could find. The blanket finished is 58" x 69 1/2". I made it as a "blankie" for my daughter for her to use and abuse. It's actually big enough for me to use, which I like....because it can grow with her. Total, I spent around $15...because I used what I had! I also quilted it myself with my sewing machine. I didn't use a pattern, I kind of did swirls and curves and made it up as I went. I have to say that every quilt I do from now on will be quilted. I love the way it looks and feels...and it's also so much more sturdy and long lasting!