Monday, April 6, 2009

Circle Quilt

I got this idea of a circle quilt off a photoblog I follow. She had one for her son and I fell in love with it! So I made my own version of it for my daughter. Each circle is the size of a cd...which I wonder-undered each one to a white piece of cotton. The circle spacing is 1/2" apart. My goal with this quilt was to use what I had. I used scraps and whatever I could find. The blanket finished is 58" x 69 1/2". I made it as a "blankie" for my daughter for her to use and abuse. It's actually big enough for me to use, which I like....because it can grow with her. Total, I spent around $15...because I used what I had! I also quilted it myself with my sewing machine. I didn't use a pattern, I kind of did swirls and curves and made it up as I went. I have to say that every quilt I do from now on will be quilted. I love the way it looks and feels...and it's also so much more sturdy and long lasting!


Jennifer said...

So how exactly did you quilt it on your machine? It's something I want to learn, but I have not been pleased with my attempts so far. I even bought a quilting foot and a walking foot. Is it just something you have to practice a ton? Thanks!

Julie E. said...

I love this!! Nice job.