Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I guess I like to make matching cards...

Yes, I have a bad habit of spending my time making elaborate cards for people who hopefully don't just throw them right away. Most of the time I like to make them match the gift or whatever the occasion might be. Unfortunately, I hardly take pictures of the cards that I make, so here are a few of the only ones I have pictures of.

This is just a birthday card for a girl in my Relief Society. I'm the RS Secretary so I get lots of chances to make cute cards for all the girls in the ward.

This is the card I made to match the...

...diaper changing pad to match the...

...burp cloths and the gift bag for a complete set!

This is just a card made for a baby gift. I made the flowers to match the little flowers on the dress.


I discovered a new love...Taking an item, in this instance wood squares, and making different, but similar gifts with it! Mod-Podge is so much fun. That is how I put the paper and letters on the wood.
I had one extra block that was a little bit of an odd shape, so I made a little wall hanging. I took rub-ons, one of my scrapbooking favorites, and added some inspiring words!


I LOVE ribbon...For my birthday, my husband made me a ribbon holder. It's been so nice to see my favorite ribbon while I'm working on a project. It makes it so easy to choose and pull which one I want! This ribbon holder is so easy to make. There's a base, 2 sides, and 2 dowels with holes drilled to place the dowels in. It can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall.


I think that recycling in so important. I feel like our family goes through so many cans and jars. I finally got the idea to keep all of the jars that we use for my ribbon scraps. I save all of my scraps and I wanted to have them out for color inspiration as well as to see what I have. So far, the system works great and I feel happy knowing that I'm recycling in my own way!


This gift is for my little niece who's turning two. I wanted to do something easy and cheap. I found the frame at our local annual scrapbook expo for $.50 and the "e" was $1.29...I already had the paper and ribbon...I'm all about good deals...So for less than two dollars, I created something original and cute! I painted the frame and "e" white and then sanded them to give it that distressed look. I glued ribbon on the back instead of using a claw hook. I had left over paper, so I made a matching card. I think that when gifts match, they always look more put together and complete!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love it when my family has birthdays. It is the easiest excuse to pick a project to do. I did this little purse for my niece, Brynne. She is such a little girl, I knew she would love to carry around this super cute purse with her. I decided to make a card to match out of the left-over fabric that I used for the purse, a strip of gross-grain ribbon, and a chenille heart to finish it.

Handwriting Fonts

Leslie found this website and I thought it was a perfect first for our new "craft" blog. This website will take people's hand writing and turn them into fonts for free. Kevin & Amanda is their site where you can download for any or all of the fonts for absolutely free....A great addition to our scrapbooking font library!