Sunday, August 3, 2008

Amy Butler Diaper Bag

This is an Amy Butler pattern, her "Nappy Bag" that I finally finished. I love the fabric and the colors that I used. It was really quite easy to do, just took a lot of prep work-- the cutting took forever! But it has tons of space. I know it is huge, but it is the perfect diaper bag to take on a plane ride with you. It holds everything!!!

This is just another blanket I made for a new nephew. Silky blankets, nothing better right?

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Nicki said...

I absolutely love that bag! I went on her website, which we should add to our blog...And I recognized a lot of her fabric and realized that I have some of her scrapbook paper! I LOVE her stuff! Did you buy that pattern, or download it? I love the fabric you used...Do you buy fabric as you do projects, or do you just buy fabric as it catches your eye?