Monday, August 11, 2008

Orange is in.

{I have no business} blogging right now considering my house is an absolute disaster. Not to mention that the only thing I have been doing all day is making this dress. I have unofficially locked myself in my craft room determined to finish, and finish I did! I am so pleased with the results and LOVE the fabric...which always helps with inspiration. Two reasons for making this dress...1. Tessa needs more dresses, she's down to three that fit her (barely) and 2. I need to use my many yards of fabric before I go crazy! I have too much!

I have been falling in love with Amy Butler fabrics, prints, and products ever since Les posted her cute Amy Butler Bag....That was sort of the inspiration mingled with my own design.
I used a basic $3 pattern from Walmart.
Again I used buttons with loops instead of a zipper because I didn't have one handy. I like to use what I got, and sometimes it's better that way because it forces me to be even more creative.
I added the bottom layer of the skirt and add the sash as well with the same fabric as the under layer of the skirt.
I think my favorite part is the flower. The theme of my life: {its all about the details}
I used the complementary fabric for the flower.
I drew a basic leaf pattern on a piece of scratch paper.
I traced it on the fabric and left enough space next to the leaf to fold in half for the back.
I then took a piece of thick interfacing (a long retangle shape) and put it in between the folded fabric.
Zig zagged around the leaf edge and cut it our after.
Sewed the leafs together with a piece of interfacing in the center to hold it together.
Hot glued the pom poms on.
Then sewed it to the dress.


HalnJess said...

I LOVE the dress - the pictures don't even do it justice! You are awesome!

Cindy and Lane said...

gorgeous. you could sell it for 150-200$ bucks. wow! you could sell it at dear lizzie's in highland for that price and it would sell.

Leslie said...

Hello that title is gorgeous! I love it! LOVE IT!