Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sis. Beck's Book

I have this posted already on my family blog, but I thought I'd link the two together since this is my craft blog. I made this little book for my Relief Society to sign. We just wanted Sister Beck to know that we love her, support her and sustain her. It turned out really neat! I sent it off to Sister Beck the week before General Conference. I received a thank you note from her in return that next week! She really loved the book, but she loved most what we were hoping. The kind-hearted and thoughtful words that the book was full of for her. Thank you, Sister Beck for leading the women of this church in the way that only you could! We love you!

Here is the link to the page on my other blog if you want to see the rest of the book.

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Jennifer said...

Leslie, your craft blog is awesome! But you already knew that I ooh-and-ahh over everything you make. :)

We would LOVE to get together this summer. I'm always up for a party, so we'll definitely plan something. I know Kirsten M. and Patti Johnston also mentioned they'd love to get together. So let's do it!