Friday, June 13, 2008


Okay so this is not mine, I borrowed this picture. But it's only because I was a dork and forgot to take a picture of my dad's father's day gift! I'll have to get a picture when I'm home in July. But this is the item that I used to create the gift.
This is a business card holder. Has little plastic sleeves in it to hold them. I just covered the front with a red plaid paper, distressed it, and added a square of white cardstock with a father definition printed on it. There were ten descriptions in the definition, one for each of the "card holder" spots. Then I used a chipboard "F" covered in blue cardstock on top.

Then for every card spot, I printed out a word like "patriarch" to glue on the front page. Then for the back of the page I just printed out my own "definition." I just used stories or thoughts I had about him with this role of father.

I know, it is hard to visualize but I promise it turned out super cute!! I just wish I had taken pictures. Luckily I still have Paul's gift... but I can't post anything about that until after Father's Day.

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