Sunday, June 22, 2008

Perfect Pink Blankie

Evie loves her pink silky blankie from Target. My friend Amber taught me a fun new way to make a baby blanket, so I tried it out using the minkee & flannel backed satin. For the first blanket, there were a few puckers, but I still think it turned out so cute. I made it for my sister's new little girl. It will be such a soft blankie for her. I want to make a big one for me!
All laid out.

All tied up with a tag.

General Directions:
You need 2 squares or rectangles, one bigger than the other with equal distance on either side. I used the dimensions of 27"x 27" for the small square & 45"x 45". That means you should buy a 1 1/4 yd. for the main fabric & 3/4 yd. for the middle.

I then ironed each square in half and then in half again--to find the middles of each side. (Just picture a square divided in half widthwise & lengthwise.) Then match the middle of smaller square to middle of larger square. (Your fabric should be facing right sides together.) Then sew a straight stitch from the middle to the end of the smaller square on both sides. Then repeat on all sides. Leave an small opening on one side to turn the blanket inside out to finish.

Then lay out your blanket so the excess main fabric is laid out equally around the smaller square. Iron to make a nice crease. You will notice you have these flaps of fabric on each corner. You need to iron these corners to make a diagonal crease. It will be one crease but you need to iron in two directions to make this crease. Straight stitch on this crease, for each corner. Trim the excess fabric. Turn inside out.

And iron one more time all the way around the blanket. And to finish, stitch around the smaller square to secure the blanket together, being sure to stitch over the small opening to close it up good. One day I'll have nice tutorials, but these will have to do for now. Sorry!

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