Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get Festive

Since I already have my Halloween decor out, I found some places I wanted to add to, so this is what I created for my kitchen.

The details:
"TRICK"-2"wide 7x9inch squares. spray painted black with sanded edges. I drew all of the letters free hand and mod podged them on.

"or" - used pressure treated wood. 4x4inch block. I used a distress ink pad like it was paper on all of the edges. mod-podged the letters on. (I did not use paint)

"TREAT" I used a 2x4 and cut it 4 3/4" blocks. After painting them orange and green, I distressed them with my distress ink pad and them mod-podged the letters on.

"TRICK" is in different heights because I proped three of the letters up so you can see them better. All of the blocks are the same size.


Shannon said...

that looks adorable!!

Leslie said...

So, so cute Nic! I want to do that now!

Dorese said...

I love how those turned out! Everything seems to be turning to vinyl now, so I love that you shared how to get the look without spending the money on vinyl. What a cute decor idea!

Davis Family said...

These turned out so cute!!!!