Monday, September 15, 2008

The Lilly Apron

This is my 2nd project since being back home, but the first I didn't take any photos of. It was baby shower I helped throw for a friend. Time consuming, but really-- who wouldn't like throwing a baby shower! It was so much fun to do. This project is a birthday present for one of my sisters. My husband's sister found this pattern and we all had to buy it. I was so excited to make it, I've been perusing fabrics for quite some time now trying to find the right combination. I think this is very cute, almost good enough to eat. (Probably because it looks like a giant watermelon!) It just fits so cute and has this fun tie in the back with those adorable little pockets. It is called the Lilly Apron by Busy Bee. I modified the sizing and the pleating. I also changed the colors up instead of having it just be one solid color. I have heard that people even use this as a maternity shirt... I think I'd have to find the right material--but it could definitely work!
So this is the picture that comes with the Lilly Apron pattern, cute huh?
And this is the apron that I made, pretty cute, huh?

The back

The detail on the front

The detail on the pocket

The matching card of course

The final package. I even made a tag out of left over fabric, used some rub-ons, punched a hole in it and tied it around with ribbon!


sheena said...

This is so cute!!! I am in charge next month for the y.w. mutual activity and wanted to do aprons. Where did you get the pattern?

How is everything going for you guys? Last year... Hooray!!!

We're sorry we didn't get to hang out when you were up. I told Adam that we need to go visit you guys. I've been dying to go up North to see how pretty it is.

Hope all is well. Tell Paul & Evie hi.

Amber said...

very cute les!!! i want that pattern!

Nicki said...

les! i love this....I've been wanting to make myself an apron, and this is it! You should sell these! I've never seen an apron like this! Yes, I need to know as well where you got the pattern...I NEED IT!!! love you and your crafts too!

Leslie said...

Well, I got it in IF, but you can totally order it online. Lilly Apron by Busy Bee Quilt Designs. 10 buckaroos will get it for you!

Jennifer said...

It is as cute as you said it would be. I LOVE it!!!

brian&laura said...

I live in Pocatello. I saw the lilly aprons at a craft fair, but not a fabric I liked. I can't seem to find the right web site to order the pattern. I went to busy bee quilt designs and I could only find the quilt patterns. If you are making some to sell, or have a pattern I could buy I would be so grateful.

Leslie said...

Hey Laura,

I have included some links below for you to purchase the pattern online if you'd like. And since you live in Pocatello, I would try Sages Creek Quilt Co. or Porters in Idaho Falls (that's where I got my pattern.) But if you would prefer, I could make you one. Just let me know the colors and I'll quote you a price. Good luck!


brian&laura said...

Leslie, thanks for getting right back to me. I will definitely try Sages Creek Quilt Co. If I don't find anything I like I'll let you know about making me one.