Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Birthday gift for Mom

I used the theme of our other memory gifts. This time I cut out tags from coordinating paper. I had my husband think of things he loved about his mom (since this is for her birthday) and memories he had of growing up with her. I typed up each one and sewed them on to each tag. I wrote the cover tag and embellished it with chalk , a stamp and ribbon. I then assembled it together on a ring, adding more ribbon!
Here are one of the tags!
I did 19 memories, plus the back and cover tags, making a total of 21 tags.
I wrote what the gift was for, who it was from and the year...That way, if she still has it years from now, she'll know exactly who gave the gift and when she got it!

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Leslie said...

Your handwriting is so stinking cute anyways, but I'm sure that the book "helped" you make it better. So cute. And the book is a really cute idea. Nice sewing!