Wednesday, May 7, 2008

With a Twist

My friend saw covered close pins. I thought that was so cute, I wanted to do them! Taking the ordinary and making it creative and new just makes my life so much more enjoyable! It's funny because now that I have covered close pins, I use them for a lot more than I thought I would! They're really easy to make. Cute strips of paper according to the size of close pins you have (there are several sizes you can buy, Wal-mart has them for really cheap), and just glue them on each side. The paper doesn't have to match or coordinate...that's part of the fun--putting different papers together! I keep them in a jar by my desk and hang things on the wall, as I need them.


Cindy and Lane said...

Nicole, love the closepins.

Kristyn said...

Great Idea shared ...Thanks Loved your site.