Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Step 1: Invitations

Party Planning Step-by-step
For my parents 25th Weddning Anniversary, I threw a surprise party for them! I was so excited of course for all of the wonderful crafty things I would be able to craft! I had so much fun making the signs and the invitations. I wanted everything to be perfect and it was...the party was a hit, not to mention that my siblings and I surprised my parents with a trip to Hawaii. You're probably wondering why that would be relevant to a craft blog...but there is and you'll see why in just a little bit!

Step 1: Invitations
When planning a party, each detail is important....from the votive candles, to the lemons in the water, to the lighting. And it all starts with the invitations. I wanted to show our guests that this party was going to be special and very nice...we started calling it a reception because that's pretty much what it was! Here are the invitations. I make 70. I played around for a long time before I came up with this idea. I really wanted to be in love with what I was creating and sometimes that can take a while. Now 70 invitations this details might seem like it took forever. There is a secret I used when combining all of the pieces together. SPRAY ADHESIVE. You can buy it at Walmart for 8 bucks. It's called Super 77 - Multipurpose Adhesive.

I was able to get three invitations per 12 x 12 paper. So they were 4 x 12 inches.I used five different prints for the paper because it was fun to see the different colors! The inside...There was a lot of information, so the three sections worked out perfectly. The first was to explain the party, the second the party info, and the third was the RSVP.
Inclosed in the invitation was this insert. I really wanted to include family and friends that were not local. This seemed like a perfect way to do that. You can find the book here.
I love this "handmade" stamp. It seemed like the perfect way to complete these little pieces of art!

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