Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guest Sign-In

This is the guest sign-in that I had at my parents 25th wedding anniversary party. I included far away family and friends by having them email me their thoughts to my parents which I included in the scrapbook. Those that attended the party signed it as they arrived!

A few key points:
the scrapbook is 8 1/2 x 8 1/2
I sewed all of the paper (the ones with the letters on them) to the background sheet and then spray glued the pages together.
The cover I pretty much sewed everything on.
The word "together" on the cover is my handwritting.
I used mounting tape on some of the elements on the cover to give it dimension.
Most of the paper I used is Basic Grey...I have found with themed scrapbooks that it always looks more cohesive and complete when the paper and embellishments match!


Liz said...

How do you distress your pages? What do you use?

Nicki said...

I use the brand "Distress Ink". I really like using the dark ink...walnut stain is my favorite...vintage photo is also a good one! I just slide the edge of the paper along the ink pad and there you go!!