Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Step 3: Details

Like I said before, it's all in the details. Before the actual party I mapped out the backyard into sections and made sure that there was something going on in every party of the yard to maximize the space. Some of the areas we had included: obviously the tables, we also had a cotton candy machine (a great gathering location), a fire pit where I displayed my parents wedding photos, the outdoor kitchen that had water and butter mints along the bar, and a deck with seating on it as well. Here is what I did for the centerpieces. Lots of candles, buckets with sand and tons of sea shells! Totally simple and cheap! The buckets I got for a dollar each and I got the sea shells at the dollar store and the candles my aunt already had! What a deal! The serongs were also a great way to incorporate color and my aunt already had them. It was very elegant and romanic!
The outdoor kitchen area. (That's my husband BBQing the chicken for the party dinner!)
I hung serongs not only to give some more color, but to hide their yard stuff. It was as great way to stick with the theme and to hide things! And to the left is the cotton candy machine.

We borrowed some surf boards from a friend to really give that beach luau feel! It was a fun touch to add!

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Davis Family said...

Where do you come up with this stuff??? You need to work for Real Simple magazine! Awesome job!!