Friday, June 6, 2008

ABC Book

I've been wanting to do an ABC book for Tessa and the rest of my future kids for a long time now. But I wanted to do a book with pictures of Jason and I as kids. So when my kids look at the album, they see baby pictures of us! So I started the task last weekend and just finished a couple of days ago. It took 30 hours, but I really wanted a sturdy, nice here it is!

The album is 9 x 9. I distressed EVERYTHING! and sewed almost everything on. I used a zig zag and straight stitch with different colors of threads (brown, yellow, red.) I used an assortment of embellishments, brads, buttons, ribbon, and my own little creations! I also used a lot of mounting tape to give it dimention. ENJOY!

a & b - airplance, apple, ant, bridge, baseball, birthday, button, brads, buttefly
c & d - chair, curlers, cake, dance, daddy, ducks
e & f - eat, eyes, flowers, family
g - grass, grandma, grandpa, grow, graduate
h & i - hair, horse, hat, hand, ice creamj & k - jason, jack-o-lantern, jar, jelly beans, kids, kite, kittyl & m - learn, laugh, ladder, ladybug, mommy, missionary, musicn & 0 - nicki, nail, outside, oceanp & q - pancakes, pig, quilt, queen r & s - rest, rodeo, rain drops, ribbon, sand, snail, sister, santat & u - tree, t-shirt, umbrella, unclev & w - violin, vest, vase, worm, watermelon, winter, water polo, wavesx & y - eXplore, xoxo/huges & kisses, yarn, yo yo

z - zebra, zoo, zzzz (sleepy time!)

I wanted to sew a cover out of some cute fabric I have, but thought that it would be better to have something even better. I already had this cute leather binder that ties closed....perfect! I was also debating on weather or not I should put the pages in page protectors because I wanted my kids to be able to touch and feel the pages, but in order to preserve my 30 hours of work, I opted to use them anyway!


Leslie said...

Oh dang, I love this! Honest to goodness, I want to copy this exact book, page for page, word for word. You did SUCH a good job on this! You are so talented. I love it, I love it, I love it!

Christine said...

I love it! I love it! I made an ABC album that included all the pics of my kids, etc. but I really like the idea of just using you and Jason (and grandparents) the early years! That is so great! I might just have to make another one - yours is WAY cuter!